X-rays make up X-radiation, a form of high-energy electromagnetic radiation. Low dose x-rays are a quick and safe tool to help doctors assess and diagnose conditions by taking pictures of the inside of the body.


There is no specific preparation for an x-ray, but you may be asked to change into a gown or remove clothing or jewelry in the area to be examined. Please let your doctor and x-ray specialist know if you may be pregnant.


X-rays themselves are painless. To obtain a clear image, you will be asked to remain still and hold your breath for short periods.

Your technologist will be happy to answer any questions and guide you through the preparation process.

City X-Ray Services accepts referrals from family doctors, specialists, urgent care physicians, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, and sports medical doctors. We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standard of patient care in our modern, super clean facility. We also Provide Accurate Diagnostic Imaging Services X-Ray, BMD (Bone Mineral Density), Ultrasound, DEXA Body composition scan, and 3D/4D Ultrasound for emigration studies and other regulatory requirements.

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